What Is a Life Coach?

Having a life coach is like using a GPS device as you drive through your life’s journey to arrive at your desired destination.

Why GPS? How is it related to life coaching?

Imagine yourself driving to an unfamiliar destination without using any sort of a navigation tool. It would take all hours, if not days. You’d probably be lost. It would be too late before you realize you’ve been back and forth. Frustrated after having spent so much time and energy, you might end up giving up. Worse, going back to your starting point.

You might also find yourself asking for help. Probably stopping here and there to ask someone every now and then. But you know there’s a much faster way to get to where you want to be by using GPS.

GPS or Global Positioning System is almost a necessity. People are now using the latest available technologies such as Waze or Google Maps that could not have existed without GPS.

GPS-enabled technologies lead you to your destination like that buddy of yours whom you like having during long road trips. Not only do they keep you company, tell also you where to turn, keep you awake.

High tech GPS technologies exist to do the following:
Take you to your desired destination
Affirm that you are on the right track.
Alert you if you are over speeding.
Inform you when there is heavy traffic or an accident ahead.
Give you short cut options.
Overall, the best coach when you are driving.

However, GPS does not do the following:
It does NOT start your car for you.
It does NOT determine your desired destination for you.
It does NOT refuel or recharge for you.
It does NOT clean or repair your car.

So what does GPS have to do with life coaching?

Just like having GPS in your car, having a life coach will lead you to your destination with ease and peace.

Just like GPS, a life coach will
Take you to your desired life goal.
Affirm that you are on track.
Alert you about over counter-productive actions.
Inform you of the possibilities and risks ahead of you.
Provide you with better alternatives.
Overall, the best tour guide.

A life coach will also:
Inspire you to start your journey now.
Help you configure your goals.
Remind you when you need to refuel and recharge.
Motivates you to make changes and improvements.

But as the driver of your own life, you are responsible for your decisions. You need to find the GPS that fits your vehicle. Choose that which gives you peace of mind as you navigate through life’s roadblocks.

My question for you as you sit on the driver seat:

Would you rather drive by yourself and figure it out on your own without any help? Or would you rather use GPS?

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Onwards and Upwards,

Coach Bernadette

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