Take This Tiny Step Today

You may be wondering why some people go to places they have never been to while others choose to stay where they are.

There are many ways to get to other places but none of which are possible until one finally takes the driver’s seat and starts moving. Only when one explores beyond their comfort zone can they start seeing their true potential.

Only then can one truly say: “I did it! I drove to places I would not otherwise have seen!”

Imagine yourself being that driver. And then, feel that feeling.

How does it feel like to do follow your heart’s desire? To find and live your purpose? Are you just going you just watch others as they come and go living their dreams?

You may ask, “Bernadette, where do I begin?”

What if you started with an imperfect action? In fact, just any action. Take that first step. Without expecting things to go as perfectly as planned. Believe me, imperfect action is better than no action.

Scary isn’t it? That is when you need a life coach to assist you to evaporate that fear like a tiny block of ice under the hot Sun. Convert fear into peace. Take every step with the knowledge that it will not be a smooth ride. But it does not have to be.

It has to be a discovery. Finding your potentials. There are things you could be doing now that will allow you to succeed in your career, or make an impact on as many people as possible. Perhaps even becoming a coach yourself!

As your life coach, I am going to assist you first in determining your own goals and then how to achieve them. What you only need to do is to give yourself a CHANCE.

Take one tiny action today. Remember It does not have to be a perfect one. Do it now. And stop delaying the future that has been designed for you.

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Onwards and Upwards,

Coach Bernadette

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