Activation™ Method Coaching

Hello, my name is Bernadette Velasquez, certified in Activation™ Method Coaching at the Coaching Institute. 

As a coach, I can help you find solutions, creativity, inner wisdom, and resources. 

I will lead you to live a more authentic and powerful life by:

  • Helping you finally delegate time for yourself
  • Guiding you on your journey towards the Self (discovery, realization, expression, and actualization)
  • Finding your healing paths and inner joy
  • Building self-love
  • Innovating your creative flow
  • Strengthening your spiritual resources
  • Voicing out your emotions

With me as your AM Life Coach, I will be like your GPS (Global Positioning System) in your car.

With you at the driver’s seat, I will be assisting you to take complete control of your life. Tell me where you want to go, and I will give you suggestions, directions, reminders, alerts, and options to assist you in making educated life decisions. Whether you are either discovering or establishing your path to self-discovery, I can assist you in:

  1. Finding clarity on your purpose (destination).
  2. Voicing out freely your thoughts and feelings.
  3. Supporting you with compassion, understanding, and kindness whenever you change your destination anytime—and no questions asked.
  4. Helping you discover your stability, confidence, and determination
  5. Recommending consistent, powerful action to reach your destination (desired dreams and goals in life).

To find out if life coaching is right for you, feel free to sign up for a FREE CLARITY SESSION and I would love to talk to you.

For more information on Activation TM Method Coaching or would want to directly book a full coaching session or if you are in urgent need of a consultation, feel free to text /reach me 

Phone: 916-419-4626

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